After School Hustle

The ability to master challenges through development of the self is a fundamental source of well-being. We believe that an optimistic attitude towards life needs to be reinforced. The purpose of After School Hustle is the creation of opportunities for such reinforcement for teenagers.

Since fall 2017, After School Hustle provides free skill-building workshops for high-schoolers in Berlin. Led by accomplished professionals in their respective fields, these workshops do not only equip the participants with the necessary foundational tools to develop skills, but also illuminate where persistence can take them. Funding for the program comes entirely from private donors and all coaches are volunteers.


Brochure about our concept (PDF).

Semi-Annual Report Q1 2018 (PDF).

Upcoming classes

Saturday 16 June 2018:
with Johnny Terror.

Saturday 23 June 2018:
with Pam Bam.

Saturday 30 June 2018:
with Adrian Bianco.

All classes from 11am to 4pm during spring/summer. And of course for free.

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We also offer free workouts for teenagers every Sunday at 11am. These workouts take place in Volkspark Friendrichshain and at Zeppelinplatz in Wedding – we alternate between locations each week.

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Pawel Mordel
Phone: +49 175 325 65 19

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Instagram: @afterschoolmuscle


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